2018: A Focus on God's Faithfulness


God is our constant new start. We must not look to a new year to satisfy us because it never will. I've spent a lot of time looking back on God's faithfulness in my life this past year. 2018 was a year of trusting Jesus in the unknowns, seeing change used for so much good, surrendering my control, and waiting for God's perfect plans to be revealed. My new blog post is a testament to some of my favorite things God did in 2018. I have prayed this post reaches and touches your heart! What are you excited and expectant for in 2019? I believe God has God-sized good things in store. Let's cling onto Him and always remember that only Jesus satisfies us. 💗

// Haley Wade is a Guest Blogger & Member at Tanglewood Church //

Lessons at the Golf Course

Trey misunderstood his work schedule at the golf course today when he didn’t have to work with the grounds crew. He was thinking the course was closed and didn’t go out and put up the carts like normal. When he found out ALL the carts were still out and needed to be cleaned and put away, it was pretty late. Tonight we taught Trey a lesson. No, we didn’t teach him a lesson by telling him to pay more attention and get it done ever how long it takes. We taught him that family sticks together. It was an oversight, that was all. We all four pitched in and got all the work done together in about an hour and a half. 

If we had fussed and made him do it alone he would have learned a lesson as well. But what do we want to teach our boy? Tonight we taught him that a team is better than a single player. We taught him that misunderstandings happen and we will work through them together. And I hope we taught him something about being a parent and the love one has for their child. 

Lessons are taught in many different ways and with many different results. If he is to one day be the Daddy I want him to be, I have to be the example he sees of how that looks. 

Our family ain’t perfect but I wouldn’t trade us for anything. 💜🙏🏻

// Lynn Cahoon is a Guest Blogger & Member at Tanglewood Church //

Thriving Through Transitions

Our changing schools situation has been the craziest thing. At the end of last year, I wasn’t ready for junior year to end. I knew leaving Bethel was God’s plan, but I was emotional about it. Over the summer, I was really struggling to be positive about starting my senior year. I wasn’t upset about changing schools. Rather, I was clinging onto my familiar schedule. Up until the day before school began, I stayed clenched onto summer. The night before school started, my class had a senior meeting at Starbucks. I was thankful God allowed me to meet most of my classmates before the first day of school! I also had to kill the kings of fear lingering around in my mind before starting a new chapter.

August 15, 2018 was a day I hope I’ll never forget! It was a day filled with God’s guidance, courage, boldness, and Presence! I walked the halls of a school that once felt like uncharted territory to me. Here I am now a few weeks later. My school feels like a home God has given to me for this season. I don’t feel like I am shadowing a class. Instead, I realize I play a vital role in my classmates’ lives! In the short time I have been at my new school, I’ve matured so much. I’m learning how to better share and defend what I believe without turning away people with different views. I have gone from being ready to finish high school to not really wanting it to end. I am enjoying school and finding many reasons to laugh each day.

// Haley Wade is a Guest Blogger & Member at Tanglewood Church //

Why Wait?

What is it that is so hard to say, "God I need You and I need You now. I need You to help me"? I tell you... it's because of pride. The Bible says that God will resist the proud and give grace to the humble. God has a healing for you today. Today! The Bible says... today... while it is still called today. Don't wait until tomorrow. Don't harden your heart like Pharaoh or like God's people would do. It's today! Say today... today! Why tomorrow? Why not today? Why next week? Why not today? Why do we want to wait? Do we just want to take our chances? Do we want to just roll the dice? Do we want to try it on our own? What is it we are trying to do? Listen. You are looking into The Word and you are seeing the authority of God...you are seeing the authority of God's scriptures... you are seeing the power of the Holy Spirit to set you free TODAY. So why spend one more night with the frogs? 

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// Allen Stocks is Lead Pastor at Tanglewood Church //

Worth the Wait

My mom asked me to peel jalapeño peppers in order to make them into stuffed cheese poppers tonight. Because of watching an instructional YouTube video on how to make them, my mom advised me to wear gloves. I told her she was funny for watching YouTube, and that I thought my hands would be fine. Nope! Almost two hours after preparing the food, my fingers are still burning! How many times has God given us specific instructions on how to accomplish something? We think our way will work even if it isn’t the way He originally suggested. When we ignore the urgings of the Holy Spirit, we are going to acquire a lot of regrets and pain. What has God told you to do today? Has He told you to wait on something He has promised you? Typing this with stinging little fingers, I encourage you to do things God’s way! He isn’t being funny or ridiculous. He wants to protect you and make sure you get His absolute best results. Our Father’s best is worth the wait. Let’s do things His way!

// Haley Wade is a Guest Blogger & Member at Tanglewood Church //

Down in the Dumps

Did your day start out like mine... in the dumps???? 

Ok, so maybe you're not "physically" in the dumps, but how about spiritually?
How about mentally or emotionally?

You know what I figured out this morning?  
The longer you stay, the more smell you have to deal with and the more chance you have of getting stuck!  So, do with your life what I did with my truck! Put that baby in drive, move forward and with Gods grace and help get out of the dump!!!  

Haha. It’s amazing where you can get messages at.

// Allen Stocks is Lead Pastor at Tanglewood Church //