Lessons at the Golf Course

Trey misunderstood his work schedule at the golf course today when he didn’t have to work with the grounds crew. He was thinking the course was closed and didn’t go out and put up the carts like normal. When he found out ALL the carts were still out and needed to be cleaned and put away, it was pretty late. Tonight we taught Trey a lesson. No, we didn’t teach him a lesson by telling him to pay more attention and get it done ever how long it takes. We taught him that family sticks together. It was an oversight, that was all. We all four pitched in and got all the work done together in about an hour and a half. 

If we had fussed and made him do it alone he would have learned a lesson as well. But what do we want to teach our boy? Tonight we taught him that a team is better than a single player. We taught him that misunderstandings happen and we will work through them together. And I hope we taught him something about being a parent and the love one has for their child. 

Lessons are taught in many different ways and with many different results. If he is to one day be the Daddy I want him to be, I have to be the example he sees of how that looks. 

Our family ain’t perfect but I wouldn’t trade us for anything. 💜🙏🏻

// Lynn Cahoon is a Guest Blogger & Member at Tanglewood Church //