Thriving Through Transitions

Our changing schools situation has been the craziest thing. At the end of last year, I wasn’t ready for junior year to end. I knew leaving Bethel was God’s plan, but I was emotional about it. Over the summer, I was really struggling to be positive about starting my senior year. I wasn’t upset about changing schools. Rather, I was clinging onto my familiar schedule. Up until the day before school began, I stayed clenched onto summer. The night before school started, my class had a senior meeting at Starbucks. I was thankful God allowed me to meet most of my classmates before the first day of school! I also had to kill the kings of fear lingering around in my mind before starting a new chapter.

August 15, 2018 was a day I hope I’ll never forget! It was a day filled with God’s guidance, courage, boldness, and Presence! I walked the halls of a school that once felt like uncharted territory to me. Here I am now a few weeks later. My school feels like a home God has given to me for this season. I don’t feel like I am shadowing a class. Instead, I realize I play a vital role in my classmates’ lives! In the short time I have been at my new school, I’ve matured so much. I’m learning how to better share and defend what I believe without turning away people with different views. I have gone from being ready to finish high school to not really wanting it to end. I am enjoying school and finding many reasons to laugh each day.

// Haley Wade is a Guest Blogger & Member at Tanglewood Church //