Worth the Wait

My mom asked me to peel jalapeño peppers in order to make them into stuffed cheese poppers tonight. Because of watching an instructional YouTube video on how to make them, my mom advised me to wear gloves. I told her she was funny for watching YouTube, and that I thought my hands would be fine. Nope! Almost two hours after preparing the food, my fingers are still burning! How many times has God given us specific instructions on how to accomplish something? We think our way will work even if it isn’t the way He originally suggested. When we ignore the urgings of the Holy Spirit, we are going to acquire a lot of regrets and pain. What has God told you to do today? Has He told you to wait on something He has promised you? Typing this with stinging little fingers, I encourage you to do things God’s way! He isn’t being funny or ridiculous. He wants to protect you and make sure you get His absolute best results. Our Father’s best is worth the wait. Let’s do things His way!

// Haley Wade is a Guest Blogger & Member at Tanglewood Church //