Why Wait?

What is it that is so hard to say, "God I need You and I need You now. I need You to help me"? I tell you... it's because of pride. The Bible says that God will resist the proud and give grace to the humble. God has a healing for you today. Today! The Bible says... today... while it is still called today. Don't wait until tomorrow. Don't harden your heart like Pharaoh or like God's people would do. It's today! Say today... today! Why tomorrow? Why not today? Why next week? Why not today? Why do we want to wait? Do we just want to take our chances? Do we want to just roll the dice? Do we want to try it on our own? What is it we are trying to do? Listen. You are looking into The Word and you are seeing the authority of God...you are seeing the authority of God's scriptures... you are seeing the power of the Holy Spirit to set you free TODAY. So why spend one more night with the frogs? 

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// Allen Stocks is Lead Pastor at Tanglewood Church //